I am sure all past and present members of the Squadron will be grateful to Flight Lieutenant Marr for undertaking the task of writing this comprehensive history of No 208 Squadron Royal Air Force, and including a summary of the book “Naval 8” to make the record complete from October 26th 1916 to the present day.

As conceived and written “Naval 8” recorded the activities of the Squadron in a fighter role in support of the Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front, and by recounting the impressions of key officers and ratings in their various spheres the book gave a unique picture of the flying, technical and administrative happenings of those early days, and of the esprit de corps of which Naval 8 was so proud.

To those of us who served in Naval 8 it is a matter of tremendous pride and satisfaction that 50 years on No. 208 Squadron remains an active Unit in the Royal Air Force with a splendid overseas record as an Army Co-operation and Fighter Reconnaissance Squadron.

The author of this new and complete history of the Squadron has been content to keep to a narrative of events and in so doing, while the personal touch has been maintained throughout, the many activities of the Squadron in peace and war in Europe and the Middle East make clear and exciting reading.

The book’s special appeal lies in the fact that every page has its interest and its memories for some past and present member of the Squadron, and Flight Lieutenant Marr can rightly claim that his mission has been successfully completed.

G. R. B.

Littlestone on Sea

July, 1st 1966.