This is the story of 208 Squadron, ex-Naval Eight. One of the most distinguished Middle East Squadrons, it has served in this theatre of operations for forty-six of its fifty years.

In a history of this kind, written so many years after the events have taken place, it is difficult if not impossible to do full justice either to the phases through which the Squadron has passed or to the members of the Squadron who helped to create its fine tradition. The object, therefore, has been to provide, in as much detail as possible, a chronological outline of events adding a little colour wherever possible.

The first section is a summary of the book “Naval Eight” which was compiled by the founder-members of the Squadron at the end of the First World War.

For the rest the information has been extracted almost entirely from the Squadron’s-Operations Record Books and Diaries. For those periods that are inadequately covered the only apology that can be made is that the facts just were not available.

Though this book only scratches at the surface of its subject it is hoped that it will jog the memories of those who served on the Squadron and help them fill in the absent details.