range navigation at high altitude, a check was made on the fuel and performance figures and exercises in interception were practised.  

Click on the YouTube box below to view an 8-minute video of vintage Meteor T7 WA591 flying at RIAT on 20 July 2013.

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EGYPT – continued

In August, 1950 the Squadron was allotted a Meteor VII for the conversion of pilots onto type. This was carried out by two Squadron pilots already familiar with the Meteor. It is interesting to note that it was considered quite satisfactory to convert pilots from single piston-engined aircraft to twin jet aircraft on the Squadron without having to send them on a special conversion course. By January of the following year all pilots had completed the conversion and the Squadron received the first three of the long awaited Meteor IXs. By March the re-equipment was almost complete and eleven of the Squadron’s valiant Spitfire XVIIIs were allotted to 107 MU. The next problem was for the pilots to learn how to use the new aircraft operationally. Initially experience was gained in long

August 1950 The first Meteor T7 arrives        January 1951 Conversion to the Meteor Complete

Click on the link below to read ‘Twinkle’ Storey’s personal recollections of the early Meteor days:

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