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In September 1935 a fourth flight was formed and was fully equipped with six Demon aircraft the following month.

It was decided to establish a base at Mersa Matruh as Mussolini, in his attempts to reclaim the old Roman Empire, was building a wire-fence along the Libyan border. A detachment of ‘C’ flight was sent to Mersa Matruh in October and this was followed by ‘A’ flight in December. In January 1936 ‘D’ flight with its Demons was sent to Amariya, attached to 29(F) Squadron and finally the Squadron headquarters moved from Heliopolis to be established at Mersa Matruh East as from 24th January. Accommodation was under canvas and the Squadron was allotted to 5th Division for operations. Subsequently all personnel of D’ flight were posted to 64(F) Squadron on the formation of that unit on 16th March.

By July it became clear that we were closing down in the Western Desert. The Squadron was already back in Heliopolis and in September it received a “warning order” signal from HQ British Troops in Egypt stating that “Two Flights of 208(AC) Squadron will be prepared to proceed to Palestine at short notice if required”. It said flights would be sub-allotted to Divisions on arrival. Three days later a further signal was received from HQ BTE giving the dates of the various movement parties to RAF Station Ramleh, where the Squadron would come under the GOC,  HQBF in Palestine and Transjordan for operations.

The advanced party arrived on 28th September. ‘A’ flight was allotted for duty with 1st Division, Jerusalem and ‘C’ flight for duty with 5th Division Haifa. On 6th October the Squadron was on active operations looking for armed bands in the hills. During a reconnaissance for 1st Division in the hills between Husan, west of Bethlehem, and Wadi Fukin an armed band was found which opened fire on the aircraft. The latter responded with both front and rear guns driving the band into the caves at the hillside. The aircraft returned to base with hits in the tail, rudder and top longeron.

This skirmish did not last long however and the flights returned to Heliopolis in December.


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