The Chairman began by thanking the staff of the RAF Club for an excellent meal and their outstanding service in the new setting of the President’s Room, which seemed exceptionally cosy for the Reunion.

Much had changed in the recent past, with the Squadron no longer in service, but it was good to see a full table of the Hawk Chapter amongst all of the now ex-serving members of the Squadron.

So, this was quite a different format from the past, and one thing that the Committee had been discussing was the potential for looking at a different style of reunion, perhaps at a different location. This would not be for next year, which would again be at the RAF Club, but possibly for 2019. A couple of ideas that had been discussed were Northern France, where the Squadron had reformed in 1921, or perhaps at a more central location in the UK, depending on where the Association’s membership was located, geographically. After all, very few of the members actually lived in London and, although there were 366 members who were in communication with the Association, only 18 (5%) had attended the Reunion this year. Perhaps more members would be able to travel to a different venue.

A decision for the 2019 Reunion would be made at the next Spring Committee Meeting, and members would be informed soon thereafter.

The Chairman then thanked those Committee members who had stood down this year after many years of sterling work: Malcolm Brown as the outgoing Honorary Secretary; Ben Laite as the outgoing Membership Secretary; and Paul Smith as the outgoing Treasurer. He then welcomed the new incumbents: Eugene Moriarty as the Honorary Secretary; Nigel Huckins as the Membership Secretary; and Rick Page as Treasurer. He also thanked both Malcolm Ward and Neil Meadows for their outstanding work on the Newsletter and Website respectively.

In the new format for the Reunions, there would be no guest speaker. Instead, members would be invited to share stories and anecdotes with the assembled guests to remind them of the good times and spirit of 208 Squadron.

The Chairman began with an anecdote from his time on the Squadron about Exercise NILE ’90. At that time, Egypt had been in the sphere of influence of the former Soviet Union, but had changed its allegiance to the West. As a consequence, 208 Squadron had been tasked at the beginning of 1990 to take part in a joint maritime/air exercise with Egyptian forces. This was the first time that British and Egyptian forces had operated together; the last time that they had been ‘together’

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